Born from year 2000 onwards:

Well majority of you have missing number 1 and 9 in your birth date aka, Life Pattern Grid. Missing number 1 and 9 highlights many challenges for you as listed below. Each Plane on Life Pattern Grid carries certain traits of the person.

Number 1 means “New Beginning” and Number 9 means “Changes”.

Those Born from year 2000 onwards

Typical (Life Pattern Grid) LPG

Life Pattern Grid of born from year 2000 By Mystik Solution

Majority of all those born from year 2000 onwards have missing 1 and 9; So from above LPG they will have weak Will, low Emotional and Practical plane. These means presences of small arrows which are related to Detail, Litigation, peace of Mind, and Science. Missing number 1 and 9 also means low Will plane as well as Emotional and Practical plane. (For all those born between 1900 to 1999 by default have number 1 and 9)

Just imagine type of life and future all those born from year 2000 onwards, missing 1 and 9 in their LPG, will have if no remedies are given.

From Date of Birth person can see much more insights into his/her traits, weaknesses and strength – Life Pattern Grid. There are remedies to overcome challenges highlighted by LPG either for missing numbers or enhancing existing numbers.

There are three different types of remedies we provide – Soul, Mind and Body level which ensures greater and faster success. Our remedies are sure to bring results.

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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.

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