Numerology and Birth Numbers

Most important number in Numerology is the day of the month in which you were born. This number can identify important elements such as your character, personality, individuality, strengths and weaknesses. Some are shy and reserved and others are forceful and domineering. The reason for this is because each number has its own nature and personal vibration.

The numerology birth numbers are determined as follows: If a person is born on the 20 of March, he has the number 2 (2+0) as their most important number. Someone born on the 27 of January is a number 9 (2 +7).

Here is quick intro of each Numbers:

  1. This number is governed by the planet Sun. It is the King of all nine planets.  These people play an important role in society, born leaders, strong, determined and have specific purpose in life.
  2. This number is governed by planet Moon and considered as Queen.  These people are rather sensitive, fearful, imaginative, intuitive and deep thinkers. They are good at thinking out of the box.
  3. This number is governed by planet Jupiter.  These people are highly ambitious, strong will power, patriotic and willing to die for others. Head of big organizations and educationalist are generally born as number 3. HIgh level of creativity and self expression.
  4. This number is governed by planet Rahu. These people are the master of unconventional way of thinking. They posses the power to bring about social reforms in society. Very strongly opinionated and do not bother much about what other will think of them. They are the great finishers.
  5. This number is governed by Mercury. People under this are considered as most dynamic, they get on all with all so are well known. They seek constant change in their lives. They are quick learners, highly motivated and visionaries. Ideal number for businessman.
  6. This number is governed by planet Venus. Venus is very closely associated with fun, entertainment and love for good things /luxury in life.  Caring, nurturing and ability to charm people. They are very attached to material aspects of life. They are good looking people and have special charm to draw people towards them.
  7. This number if governed by planet Ketu. This number is the seeker of ultimate truth. People with this number  do not take things on its face value but rather love to dig deep into. They love to be alone and finds difficult to adjust in crowd/gathering. They take interest in learning natural and mystic or Occult subjects.
  8. This number is governed by planet Saturn. This number is both spiritual and materialistic. People under this number knows good and bad because of the Saturn – the Judge.  They have to put in extra hard work to get desired results but the results achieved are unmatched. Generally more prone to accidents and sudden swing in  life.
  9. This number if governed by planet Mars. – Indestructible force  This people are compassionate, have strong will power and courageous. Driven with high level of energies so constantly on go. They have high demands not only from them but from people around them. Of all 9 numbers, number 9 is the most aggressive. Harmony does not exists for them; risk taking is the name of the game.

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